Cabinet Installation

A kitchen with typical cabinetry is made of wood with square framed cabinets, doors with an inset panel; the doors are left bare or painted. If you want an authentic look, then a matte finish is to be expected, although we do have some glossier options available within our cabinetry ranges. While this style of kitchen emphasizes form and practicality while still offering sophistication and elegance, adding more modern touches can add sophistication and help you put an individual stamp on your final design.

Traditionally we would expect to see wooden work surfaces and worktops, but you can add marble or other finishes to add a touch of modern elegance and practicality, natural finishes such as granite and marble both work well, and help to enhance the overall impact and final effect.

Our team here at Arlington, WA. Master Granite & Cabinets can help you find your own style and create a finished room where practical form and function blend seamlessly and elegantly with modern sophistication, to create a truly spectacular finish.


Stoneworks Tile Flooring Other Stone And Tile

We are proud to say that we have over 10 years in the industry, supplying, designing and installing some of the best stone work in Arlington, WA. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive service to our customers; to take them from a simple thought to the installation of the finest natural stone designs. Through conversations and meetings with you, we will bring your vision to life. During the initial planning process, we will spend time providing you with renderings of the final construction, allowing you to fully visualize the outcome.

Depending on the customer’s preferences and the type of stone we are treating, we use highly trained, solvent or water-based sealers to provide long-lasting protection to the floors we work on.

By sealing old floors with a range of different products, you can choose the natural tone that works best in the space.


Mosaic, Quartz & Granite Backsplash Installation

The kitchen is one of the most important areas of the home and should make a good impression. Making small improvements to your kitchen can make your home more comforting and add value. Installing a new kitchen backsplash is a small project that can make a big difference in your space. We offer you the opportunity to customize every aspect of your backsplash, from the color to the shape. Once you’ve chosen the backsplash for your kitchen, we offer a variety of easy-to-fit options to complete your desired look. Our beautiful mosaic, quartz or granite backsplashes will allow you to create a special ambiance in your residence or business, making your space truly unique.

The Master Granite team offers a wide range of custom-made countertops from leading suppliers, including – Silestone with unique bacteriostatic protection and eco by cosentino countertops with recycled content that combine sustainability with beautiful design and quality.


Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

Whether you are looking for a complete bathroom renovation or a partial kitchen remodel, Master Granite & Cabinets is your right choice. For any type of bathroom repair, you have come to the right place. We specialize in kitchen and bathroom work for a long time. With some of our employees having over 10 years of experience in kitchen and bathroom renovations, you can trust us.

Over the years we have mastered this trade! We can take on any size project, no matter how big or small. We strive to provide you with the most comfortable and enjoyable living spaces possible. That’s why we offer the best price while maintaining a reputable standard of quality and professionalism.

When it comes to designing bathrooms or kitchens with a large island like you’ve always seen on TV, it’s difficult to find the right balance between style and hygiene, which is why we employ experienced bathroom designers in Arlington, WA who are fully trained in interior design, and are able to provide our clients with professional and achievable designs.



Granite countertops and quartz countertops are perfect for today’s modern kitchens because they are beautiful and very durable. Granite is a fantastic product suitable for use in any kitchen environment, especially when style, performance and longevity in countertops are important. Get a 100% natural stone countertop for your kitchen, it features a wide variety of colors and patterns, these are determined by a blend of Quartz, Mica and Feldspar.

Quartz countertops provide a premium look and feel, but also offer maximum ease of maintenance and longevity. This engineered stone is composed of approximately 93% natural quartz mineral, with the remaining 7% composed of fragments, pigments and resins to give the slab overall strength and consistent design.

An essential part of the composition of a functional kitchen, a countertop has the ability to make or break the interior look of a home. That’s why our skilled contractors take pride in offering our customers a wide selection of high-quality countertop materials, ensuring an excellent finished product.




Spray Cleaner

As one of our star products is the official Spray Cleaner of our brand Master Granite & Cabinet, where you can easily clean all parts of your countertop whether granite, quartz, mosaic among other types of natural stone that we offer.



See our wide variety of cabinet doors with dark tones, light tones, with different patterns and different designs. In our range of cabinets you can see a wide range of styles where we are sure you will love more than one.



Master Granite & Cabinet is a company that offers countertops with different types of natural stone, patterns and all kinds of sizes, whatever the design of your countertop be sure that you will be provided with what you have in mind.

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Every Master Granite & Cabinets countertop is custom fabricated with no margin for error, ensuring that your specifications are met with total precision. This attention to detail comes naturally to us. As natural, in fact, as the materials we use.

The hub for Mosaic, Quartz, Countertops & Granite countertops. Here at Master Granite & Cabinets it’s all about quality and choice.

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